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Name: Yan-Rong ZOU
Position: Research Professor
Department: State Key Laboratory of Organic Geochemistry


Zou’s research interests include oil and gas geochemistry & geochemical processes, with a specific interest in experimental studies on kinetics of oil and gas generation, residual SARA in source rock or kerogen by solvent swelling as well as gaseous hydrocarbon C-H isotope composition for distinguishing gas source, maturation, accumulation and mixing. 


Recent Publications:
1. Wei Tao, Yan-Rong Zou*, Andy Carr, Jinzhong Liu, Ping’an Peng. Study of the influence of pressure on enhanced gaseous hydrocarbon yield under high pressure–high temperature coal pyrolysis, Fuel, 2010,89,3590-3597.
2. Wei TAO, Yan-Rong ZOU* Yulan CAI, Jinzhong LIU, Zhiguang SONG and Ping’an PENG. Can pressure promote hydrocarbon generation from organic matter? —New experimental proof,Geochemical Journal, 2009,43: 287-292, 2009.
3. Yan-Rong Zou, Yulan Cai, Chongchun Zhang, Xin Zhang, Ping’an Peng. Variations of natural gas carbon isotope-type curves and their interpretation— A case study. Organic Geochemistry, 2007, 38: 1398–1415.
4. Yan-Rong Zou, Changyi Zhao, Yunpeng Wang, Wenzhi Zhao, Ping_an Peng Yanhua Shuai. Characteristics and origin of natural gases in the Kuqa Depression of Tarim Basin, NW China. Organic Geochemistry, 2006, 37(3): 280-290.
5. Yanhua Shuai, Ping’an Peng, Yan-Rong Zou, Shuichang Zhang. Kinetic modeling of individual gaseous component formed from coal in a confined system. Organic Geochemistry . 2006,37:932–943.
6. Yan-Rong Zou, Feng Kong, Ping’an Peng, Xiumian Hu, Chengshan Wang. Organic Geochemical Characterization of Upper Cretaceous Oxic Oceanic Sediments in Tibet, China: A Preliminary Study. Cretaceous Research 2005,26(1):65-71
7. Yan-Rong ZOU, Lianyuan WANG, Yanhua SHUAI, Ping’an PENG. EasyDelta: A Spreadsheet for Kinetic Modeling of the Stable Carbon Isotope Composition of Natural Gases. Computers & Geosciences,2005,31: 811–819.
8. Yanhua Shuai, Ping'an Peng, Yanrong Zou. Influence of pressure on stable carbon isotope ratio production yield of coal-derived methane. Fuel, 2005,85(5-6): 860-866.
9. Yan-Rong ZOU, Ping’an PENG, Overpressure retardation of organic-matter maturation: a kinetic model and its application. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 2001, 18(6): 707-713