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Name: Hong Lu (卢鸿)
Position: Research Professor
Department: State Key Laboratory of Organic Geochemistry


I am working on Petroleum Geochemistry, mainly on exploration evaluation, reservoir geochemistry and simulation experiments, e.g. thermochemical sulfate reduction (TSR) and inorganic –organic interactions and hydrocarbon-water –rock interactions etc. My interests include petroleum biomarkers, molecular markers, sulfur-containing organic compounds, stable carbon and hydrogen isotopes for characterization and further diagenetic pathways of their geologic fates.

My current projects include:
(1) the shale gas evaluation for Paleozoic source rocks (State 973 projects);
(2) the natural gas hydrate evaluation for South Sea (State 127 projects);
(3) hydrocarbon generation simulation of Lower Paleozoic reservoir bitumens under high thermal conditions (State 12-5 projects);
(4) biomarker characterization and their diagenetic pathway studies on Green Sulfur bacteria and Purple Sulfur Bacteria in Jianghan Basin (National Natural Science Foundation of China). 


Recent Publications:
1. Hong Lu, Paul Greenwood, Tengshui Chen, Jinzhong Liu, Ping’an Peng, 2011. The separate production of H2S from the thermal reaction of hydrocarbons with magnesium sulfate and sulfur: Implications for thermal sulfate reduction. Applied Geochemistry (accepted).
2. Hong Lu, Paul Greenwood, Tengshui Chen, Jinzhong Liu, Ping’an Peng, 2011. The role of metal sulfates in thermochemical sulfate reduction (TSR) of hydrocarbons: insight from the yields and stable carbon isotopes of gas products. Organic Geochemistry 42, 700-706.
3. Hong Lu, Guoying Sheng, Ping’an Peng, Qinglin Ma, Zhenhuan Lu, 2011. Identification of C24 and C25 lanostanes in Tertiary sulfur rich crude oils from the Jinxian Sag, Bohai Bay Basin, Northern China. Organic Geochemistry 42, 146-155.
4. Hong Lu, Tengshui Chen, Jinzhong Liu, Ping’an Peng, Zhenhuan Lu, Qinglin Ma, 2010. Yields of H2S and gaseous hydrocarbons in gold-tube experiments simulating thermochemical sulfate reduction reactions between MgSO4 and petroleum fractions. Organic Geochemistry 41, 1189-1197.
5. Hong Lu, Tengshui Chen, Kliti Grice, Paul Greenwood, Ping’an Peng, Guoying Sheng, 2009. Distribution and significance of novel low molecular weight sterenes in an immature evaporitic sediment from the Jinxian Sag, North China. Organic Geochemistry 40, 902-911.
6. Hong Lu, Li Wang, Zhiguang Song, Paul Greenwood and Qin Yin, 2011. Occurrence and distribution of series long-chain alkyl naphthalenes in Late Cretaceous sedimentary rocks of the Songliao Basin, China. Geochemical Journal 45 (2), 125-135.
7. Chen Tengshui, He Qin, Lu Hong*, Peng PingAn, Liu Jinzhong, 2009. Thermal simulation experiments of saturated hydrocarbons with calcium sulfate and elemental sulfur: implications on origin of H2S. Science in China:Series D-Earth Sciences 52, 1550-1558.
8. LU Hong, HOU Linhui, CHEN Tengshui et al., 2007. Stable Carbon Isotopic Compositions of Methylated-MTTC in Crude Oils from Saline Lacustrine Depositional Environment: Source Implications. Acta Geologica Sinica 81(6):801-808.
9. Hong Lu, Chao Li, Zhongyao Xiao, Yongge Sun, Ping’an Peng, 2005. Hydrogen isotopic compositions, distributions and source signals of individual n-alkanes for some typical crude oils, in Lunnan Oilfield, Tarim Basin, NW China. Science in China, 48(8):1220-1226.
10. LU Hong, JIA Wanglu, XIAO Zhongyao,SUN Yongge, PENG Ping’an, 2004. Constraints on the diversity of crude oil types in the Lunnan Oilfield, Tarim Basin, NW China. Chinese Science Bulletin 49,19—26.
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12. Hong Lu, Ping’an Peng and Yongge Sun, 2003. Molecular and stable carbon isotopic compositions of monomethylalkanes from one oil sand sample in Lunnan oilfield, Tarim Basin, NW China: Source implications. Organic Geochemistry, 34:745-754.
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14. Grice K., Lu H., Zhou Y., Stuart-Williams H., Farquhar G.D., 2008. Biosynthetic and environmental effects on the stable carbon isotopic compositions of anteiso- (3-methyl) and iso- (2-methyl) alkanes in tobacco leaves. Phytochemistry 69, 2807-2814.
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18. Meijun Li, Tieguan Wang, Ju Liu, Meizhu Zhang, Hong Lu, Qinglin Ma, Lihui Gao, 2009. Biomarker 17α(H)-diahopane: A geochemical tool to study the petroleum system of a Tertiary lacustrine basin, Northern South China Sea. Applied Geochemistry 24, 172-183.
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