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Name: Zewen LIAO (廖泽文)
Position: Research Professor
Department: State Key Laboratory of Organic Geochemistry


My work is carried on mainly in the field of petroleum geochemistry, especially on the geomacromolecules such as kerogens, asphaltenes and bitumens for which to study their adsorption/occlusion properties and the related geochemical applications in oil reservoirs. Recently the quantitative evaluation of the mixed oil reservoirs is also one of my interests, and currently I am working in the area of biogeochemistry associated with the source rocks of the oil reservoirs by applying the methods such as compound specific isotope ratios, biomarker analyses.

My current projects are mainly involved in the work on the geomacromolecules, especially associated with the geochemistry of oil reservoirs from Tarim Basin, NW China, and on the geochemical study of the bitumens from Sichuan Basin. 


Recent Publications:
1. Zhao Jing, Liao Zewen, Zhang Lvhui, Creux Patrice, Yang Chupeng, Chrostowska Anna, Zhang Haizu, Graciaa Alain. (2010) Comparative studies on compounds occluded inside asphaltenes hierarchically released by increasing amounts of H2O2/CH3COOH. Applied Geochemistry, 25, 1330-1338.
2. Liao Zewen, Creux Patrice, Yang Chupeng, Graciaa Alain, Chrostowska Anna. (2010) Occlusion inside asphaltene aggregates: Insights into the structural characteristics of asphaltenes and its geochemical significance. In Asphaltenes: Characterization, Properties and Applications. Edited by Jeremy A. Duncan, NOVA Science Publishers. pp.145-159.
3. Liao Zewen, Zhao Jing, Creux Patrice and Yang Chupeng. (2009) Discussion on the structural features of asphaltene molecules. Energy & Fuels, 23, 6272-6274.
4. Yang Chupeng, Liao Zewen, Zhang Lvhui and Creux Patrice. (2009) Some biogenic-related compounds occluded inside asphaltene aggregates. Energy & Fuels, 23, 820-827.
5. Yang Chupeng, Geng Ansong, Liao Zewen, Sun Yongge, Zhang Lvhui. (2009) Quantitative assessment of gas washing for oils in the Tazhong area of Tarim Basin, NW China. Science in China (Series D), 52(1): 12-21.
6. Liao Zewen, Geng Ansong, Graciaa Alain, Creux Patrice, Chrostowska Anna, and Zhang Yaxue. (2006) Different adsorption/occlusion properties of asphaltenes associated with their secondary evolution processes in oil reservoirs. Energy & Fuels, 20(3), 1131-1136.
7. Liao Zewen, Geng Aasong, Graciaa Alain, Creux Patrice, Chrostowska Anna, and Zhang Yaxue. (2006) Saturated hydrocarbons occluded inside asphaltene structures and their geochemical significance, as exemplified by two Venezuelan oils. Organic Geochemistry, 37(3), 291-303.
8. Liao Zewen, Graciaa Alain, Geng Ansong, Chrostowska Anna, and Creux Patrice. (2006) A new low interference characterization method for hydrocarbons occluded inside asphaltene structures. Applied Geochemistry, 21(5), 833-838.