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Name: Guodong JIA (贾国东)
Position: Research Professor
Department: CAS Key Laboratory of Marginal Sea Geology


My research area is the C, H, O, N isotopic and/or organic biogeochemistry. I am particularly interested in problems related to paleo and modern climatic and environmental change, e.g., determination and interpretations of 13C, 14C, 2H, and 15N in sedimentary organic compounds, development of new isotopic and organic proxies for paleoenvironmental reconstructions, and exploration the interaction between climate, environment and ecosystems using biogeochemical tracers.

My current projects include late Cenozoic and Quaternary paleoenvironmental reconstructions using biomarkers and their isotopes in marine and lacustine sediments in the South China (Sea), identification of biogeochemical signals of human-induced environmental changes from sediment cores in the inner shelf in the northern South China Sea, and molecular and nutrient dynamical processes along the path from the Pear River to the South China Sea. 


Recent Publications:
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4. Jia, G.D., Chen, F.J., 2010. Monthly variations in nitrogen isotopes of ammonium and nitrate in wet deposition at Guangzhou, south China. Atmospheric Environment, 44: 2309–2315 DOI: 10.1016/j.atmosenv.2010.03.041.
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