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Yehua SHAN (单业华)
Position: Research Professor
Department: Laboratory of Marine Sea Geology


My research mainly involves mathematic aspects of structural geology, such as paleostress analysis, strain analysis, and numerical modeling. I take special interest in developing novel algorithms and mathematical models and applying them either for better estimation of parameter(s) or for knowledge unattainable by established models. I am also interested in the regularity of deformation structures including joints, veins, boudinages, stylolites, folds, and so forth, the characterization of brittle fractures, and the diversity of flow structures in dykes, particularly in felsic dykes, a rare phenomenon that we recently discovered in the Jiaodong peninsula, northern China. Current projects include numerical simulation of metallogeny during the evolution of the Altaids orogen, and the deformation history of the southern Taiwan orogen. 


Recent Publications:
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2. Shan, Y., Xiao, W., 2011. A statistical examination of the Fry method of strain analysis. Journal of Structural Geology 33(5), 1000–1009.
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