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Name: Duofu CHEN (陈多福)
Position: Research Professor
Department: CAS Key Laboratory of Marginal Sea Geology


I am working on the gas hydrate, seep and seep sediments, and related geology and geochemistry, fossilized seep deposit.

My current projects include the In situ measurement of seep flux and activity at seep sites, geochemical process of methane at gas vent and hydrate site on the seafloor, controls of gas hydrate formation in South China Sea. 


Recent Publications:
1. Chen Duo Fu, Qian Liu, Zhengwei Zhang, Lawrence M. Cathles III and Harry H. Roberts, Biogenic fabrics in seep carbonates from an active gas vent site in Green Canyon Block 238, Gulf of Mexico. Marine and Petroleum Geology. 24(5):313-320, 2007.
2. Feng Dong, Chen Duofu, Roberts Harry H. Petrology and Geochemistry of seep carbonate from Bush Hill, GC185, Gulf of Mexico. Journal of China University of Geosciences,18:381-382, 2007.
3. Feng D, Chen DF, QI L Roberts H H. Petrographic and geochemical characterization of seep carbonate from Alaminos Canyon, Gulf of Mexico. Chinese Science Bulletin, 53(11): 1716-1724, 2008.
4. Feng D, Chen Duofu, Roberts Harry H. Sedimentary fabrics in the authigenic carbonates from Bush Hill: implication for seabed fluid flow and its dynamic signature. Geofluids, 8, 301–310.,2008.
5. Feng Dong, Duofu Chen, Zhijia Lin. Redox variations at cold seeps recorded by rare earth elements in seep carbonates. Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Gas Hydrates (ICGH 2008), Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA, July 6-10, 2008.
6. Feng Dong, Duofu Chen, Harry H. Roberts, Petrographic and geochemical characterization of seep carbonate from Bush Hill (GC 185) gas vent and hydrate site of the Gulf of Mexico. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 26(7):1190-1198,2009.
7. Feng Dong, Duofu Chen and Jörn Peckmann, Rare earth elements in seep carbonates as tracers of variable redox conditions at ancient hydrocarbon seeps, Terra Nova, 21, 49–56, 2009.
8. Feng Dong, Harry H. Roberts, Pengfei Di, and Duofu Chen. Characteristics of Hydrocarbon Seep-Related Rocks from the Deep Gulf of Mexico. Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions, v. 59, p. 271-275, 2009.
9. Roberts Harry H., Dong Feng, William Shedd, and Duofu Chen. Pervasive Authigenic Carbonate Deposition at Hydrocarbon Seeps of the Northern Gulf of Mexico: Geomorphic, Petrographic, and Geochemical Characteristics. Gulf Coast Association ofGeological Societies Transactions, v. 59, p. 653-661, 2009.
10. Su Z, Cao Y C, Wu N Y, L M Cathles, Chen D. Numerical computation and case analysis of the venting process of free gas beneath hydrate layer. Chinese J. Geophys, 52(12):3124-3133, 2009.
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14. Guan H X, Feng D, Wu N Y, Chen D F, Roberts H. H.4 & Wu D D. Fatty-acids and their δ13C characteristics of seep carbonates from the northern continental slope of Gulf of Mexico. Chinese Sci Bull, 55(8) : 730−735, 2010.
15. Lin Zhijia, Qinxian Wang, Dong Feng, Qian Liu, Duofu Chen. Post-depositional origin of highly 13C-depleted carbonate in the Doushantuo cap dolostone in South China: Insights from petrography and stable carbon isotopes. Sedimentary Geology, In press. 2011.