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Name: Xinhui BI(毕新慧) 
Position: Research Professor
Department: State Key Laboratory of Organic Geochemistry


My research has mainly focused on developing advanced environmental analytical techniques and understanding the processes affecting persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in the atmosphere and their potential health risk. Recently the focus has been on developing the individual particle analysis by single particle aerosol mass spectrometry (SPAMA).

In brief, my research projects in these fields include i: development of analytical methods for and analysis of organic substances in atmospheric samples (primarily in aerosol); ii: atmospheric processes studies of environmental pollutants; iii: simultaneous measurement of size, chemical composition and mixing state of individual particles in the atmosphere by SPAMS. 


Recent Publications:
1. Bakhtiari, A. R.; Zakaria, M. P.; Yaziz, M. I.; Lajis, M. N. H.; Bi, X. H., Variations and Origins of Aliphatic Hydrocarbons in Sediment Cores from Chini Lake in Peninsular Malaysia. Environmental Forensics 2011, 12, (1), 79-91
2. Bakhtiari, A. R.; Zakaria, M. P.; Yaziz, M. I.; Lajis, M. N. H.; Bi, X. H.; Rahim, M. C. A., Vertical distribution and source identification of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in anoxic sediment cores of Chini Lake, Malaysia: Perylene as indicator of land plant-derived hydrocarbons. Applied Geochemistry 2009, 24, (9), 1777-1787
3. Bi Xinhui*, Simoneit BRT, Sheng GY, Fu JM. Characterization of molecular markers in smoke from residential coal combustion in China. Fuel 2008, 87, 112-119.
4. Bi Xinhui*, Thomas GO, Jones KC, Qu Weiyue, Sheng Guoying, Martin FL, Fu Jiamo. Exposure of electronics dismantling workers to polybrominated diphenyl ethers, polychlorinated biphenyls, and organochlorine pesticides in South China. Environmental Science & Technology 2007, 41, 5647-5653
5. Bi Xinhui, Simoneit B.R.T., Wang ZhenZhen, Wang Xinming, Sheng Guoying, Jiamo Fu. The major components of particles emitted during recycling of waste printed circuit boards in a typical e-waste workshop of South China. Atmospheric Environment 2010, 44, 4440-4445
6. Bi Xinhui, Walsh MJ, Wei Xiaoming, Sheng Guoying, Fu Jiamo, Martin-Hirsch PL, Thomas GO, Jones KC, Martin FL. Infrared spectral analysis of MCF-7 cells treated with serum-lipid extracts segregates predominantly brominated flame retardant-exposed subjects from those with mainly organochlorine exposures. Environmental Science & Technology 2007, 41, 5915-5922
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