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Name: Taicheng An (安太成)
Position: Research Professor
Department: State Key Laboratory of Organic Geochemistry


My research is conducted the organic pollution control principle and applications of various environmental technologies particular various advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) as well as microbiological degradation of emerging organic pollutants in water and air.
My research interests particularly include: (i) Heterogenous photocatalytic degradation kinetics and mechanisms of emerging organic pollutants (for example POPs, VOCs and EDCs, etc.) in water and air; (ii) Microbiological degradation kinetics and mechanisms of emerging organic pollutants in water and air; (iii)Photoreaction engineering design and application in indoor air purification and industrial waste gas treatment. (iv) Environmental nanocatalysis and Novel environmental friendly Semiconductor nanomaterials.

My current projects include photochemical and photocatalytic degradation kinetics and mechanisms of PPCPs and BFRs; the photocatalytic and microbiological treatment integrated technology for the removal of various VOCs in the air.
Apart from my personal research, I also serve as editor board member of Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment (SCI),Recent Patents on Engineering (EI), Advances in Physical Chemistry and Oriental Journal of Chemistry. 


Recent Publications:
1. Taicheng An*, Lei Sun, Guiying Li, Yanpeng Gao, Guangguo Ying. Photocatalytic degradation and detoxification of o-chloroaniline in the gas phase: Mechanistic consideration and mutagenicity assessment of its decomposed gaseous intermediate mixture. Appl. Catal. B: Environ. 2011, 102(1-2): 140-146.
2. Taicheng An*, Lei Zu, Guiying Li*, Shungang Wan, Bixian Mai, Po-Keung Wong. One-step process for debromination and aerobic mineralization of tetrabromobisphenol-A by a novel Ochrobactrum sp. T isolated from an e-waste recycling site. Bioresour. Technol. 2011, 102(19): 9148-9154.
3. Guiying Li, Xiaolu Liu, Haimin Zhang, Taicheng An*, Shanqing Zhang, Anthony R Carroll, Huijun Zhao*. In situ photoelectrocatalytic generation of bactericide for instant inactivation and rapid decomposition of Gram-negative bacteria. J. Catal. 2011, 277(1): 88–94.
4. Taicheng An*, Delin Zhang, Guiying Li, Bixian Mai; Jiamo Fu. On-site and Off-site Atmospheric PBDEs in an Electronic Dismantling Workshop in South China: Gas-particle Partitioning and Human Exposure Assessment. Environ. Pollut. 2011, 159(12): 3529-3535.
5. Yanmin Chen, Anhuai Lu, Yan Li, Lisha Zhang, Ho Yin Yip, Huijun Zhao, Taicheng An, Po-Keung Wong*. Naturally Occurring Sphalerite as a Novel Cost-Effective Photocatalyst for Bacterial Disinfection under Visible Light. Environ. Sci. Technol., 2011, 45(13): 5689–5695.
6. Shungang Wan, Guiying Li*, Lei Zu, Taicheng An*, Purification of waste gas containing high concentration trimethylamine in biotrickling filter inoculated with B350 mixed microorganisms. Bioresour. Technol. 2011, 102(12):6757-6760.
7. Jiangyao Chen, Guiying Li, Zhigui He, Taicheng An*. Adsorption and degradation of model volatile organic compounds by a combined titania-montmorillonite-silica photocatalyst. J. Hazard. Mater. 2011, 190(1-3): 416-423.
8. Shungang Wan, Guiying Li*, Taicheng An*, Bin Guo. Co-treatment of single, binary and ternary mixture gas of ethanethiol, dimethyl disulfide and thioanisole in a biotrickling filter seeded with Lysinibacillus sphaericus RG-1. J. Hazard. Mater. 2011, 186(2-3): 1050–1057.
9. Delin Zhang*, Taicheng An*, Meng Qiao, Guiying Li, Xiangying Zeng, Guoying Sheng, Jiamo Fu. Source identification and health risk of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons associated with electronic dismantling in Guiyu town, South China. J. Hazard. Mater. 2011, 192(15): 1-7.
10. Taicheng An*, Jibin An, Hai Yang, Guiying Li, Huixia Feng, Xiangping Nie, Photocatalytic degradation Kinetics and mechanism of lamivudine in TiO2 dispersion. J. Hazard. Mater. 2011, doi:10.1016/j.jhazmat.2011.09.077.
11. Jiangyao Chen, Xiaolu Liu, Guiying Li, Xin Nie, Taicheng An*, Shanqing Zhang, Huijun Zhao. Synthesis and characterization of novel SiO2 and TiO2 co-pillared montmorillonite composite for adsorption and photocatalytic degradation of hydrophobic organic pollutants in water. Catal. Today, 2011, 164(1): 364-369.
12. Taicheng An*, Meng Qiao, Guiying Li,Hongwei Sun, Xiangying Zeng, Jiamo Fu. Distribution, sources, and potential toxicological significance of PAHs in drinking water resources within the Pearl River Delta,J. Environ. Monitor. 2011, 13(5): 1457-1463
13. Shungang Wan, Taicheng An*, Guiying Li*, Treatment performance of volatile organic sulfide compounds by immobilized B350 in an EtSH-acclimated biotrickling filter: compared with single strain RG-1. J. Chem. Technol. Biot. 2011, 86(9): 1166-1176.
14. Haiying Luo, Xin Nie, Guiying Li, Jikai Liu, Taicheng An*. Structural Characterization and Photocatalytic Activity of Hydrothermal Synthesized Mesoporous TiO2 for Degradation of 2,4,6-tribromophenol in Water. Chinese J. Catal. 2011, 32(8): 1349-1356.
15. Wanjun Wang, Lizhi Zhang, Taicheng An, Ho-Yin Yip, Po-Keung Wong*, Comparative Study of Visible-light-driven Photocatalytic Mechanisms of Dye Decolorization and Bacterial Disinfection by B-Ni-codoped TiO2 Microspheres: The Role of Different Reactive Species. Appl. Catal. B: Environ. 2011, 108-109(1): 108-116
16. Yanmin Chen, Anhuai Lu, Yan Li, Ho Yin Yip, Taicheng An, Guiying Li, Peng Jin and Po-Keung Wong*. Photocatalytic inactivation of Escherichia coli by natural sphalerite suspension: Effect of spectrum, wavelength and intensity of visible light. Chemosphere. 2011, 84(9): 1276-1281.
17. Jianjun Li, Guangyun Ye, Duanfang Sun, Taicheng An, Guoping Sun*, Shizhong Liang*, Performance of a biotrickling filter in the removal of waste gases containing low concentrations of mixed VOCs from a paint and coating plant. Biodegradation, in press.
18. Jing Wang, Mi Tian, Shejun Chen, Jing Zheng, Xiaojun Luo, Taicheng An, Bixian Mai*. Dechlorane plus in house dust from E-waste recycling and urban areas in South China: sources, degradation, and human exposure. Environ. Toxic. Chem. 2011, 39(9): 1965-1972.
19. Duanfang Sun, Jianjun Li, Taicheng An, Meiying Xu, Guoping Sun, Jun Guo. Evaluation of the performance of structured mixed packing and inert packing materials in toluene biotrickle-filtration. Biotechnol. Biopro. Eng. 2011, 16 (5): 1009-1018.

20. Taicheng An*, Hai Yang, Guiying Li, Weihua Song, William J. Cooper, Xiangping Nie. Kinetics and mechanism of advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) in degradation of ciprofloxacin in water. Appl. Catal. B: Environ. 2010, 94(3-4): 288-294.
21. Taicheng An*, Shungang Wan, Guiying Li, Lei Sun, Bin Guo. Comparison of the removal of ethanethiol in twin-biotrickling filters inoculated with strain RG-1 and B350 mixed microorganisms. J. Hazard. Mater. 2010, 183(1-3): 372-380.
22. Taicheng An*, Lei Sun, Guiying Li, Shungang Wan. Gas-phase photocatalytic degradation and detoxification of o–toluidine: Degradation mechanism and Salmonella mutagenicity assessment of mixed gaseous intermediates. J. Mol. Catal. A-Chem. 2010, 331(1-2): 128-135.
23. Taicheng An*, Hai Yang, Weihua Song, Guiying Li, Haiying Luo, William J. Cooper. Mechanistic Considerations for the Advanced Oxidation Treatment of Fluoroquinolone Pharmaceutical Compounds using TiO2 Heterogeneous Catalysis. J. Phys. Chem. A, 2010, 114(7): 2569-2575.
24. Hai Yang, Guiying Li, Taicheng An*, Weihua Song, William J. Cooper, Haiying Luo, Xindong Guo. Photocatalytic degradation kinetics and reaction mechanism of environmental pharmaceuticals in aqueous suspension of TiO2: Photocatalytic degradation of β-blockers in aqueous suspension of TiO2: kinetics and mechanism. J. Hazard. Mater. 2010, 179(1-3): 834-839.
25. Hai Yang, Taicheng An*, Guiying Li, Yanpeng Gao, Jiamo Fu. Photocatalytic degradation kinetics and reaction mechanism of environmental pharmaceuticals in aqueous suspension of TiO2: A case of sulfa drugs. Catal. Today. 2010, 153(3-4): 200-207.
26. Lei Sun, Guiying Li*, Shungang Wan, Taicheng An*. Chemical analysis and mutagenicity assessment of intermediates in photocatalytic degradation of gaseous toluene. Chemosphere. 2010, 78(3): 313-318.
27. Meng Qiao, Taicheng An*, Xangying Zeng, Deling Zhang, Guiying Li, Guoying Sheng, Jiamo Fu. Guoxia Zhang, Jun Guo. Safety assessment of the source water within the Pearl River Delta on the aspect of organochlorine pesticides contamination. J. Environ. Monitor. 2010, 12(9): 1666-1677.
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